Have you trapped yourself in a life smaller than the one you could actually have?

I was asked at the start of my most recent group coaching program whether meditation was a must.

My answer was, “no but I’d recommend it”.

I’d now say it’s a must… IF you want lasting success, happiness, and contentment.

See, the quality of our life is determined by the quality of our mind.

Outside events don’t determine the quality of our life, our response to them does… what determines our response… our body and mind.

What’s one way we improve the quality of our mind… meditation. Mindfulness. The two are inseparable.

Mindfulness, as I understand it, is experiencing whatever arises in consciousness in the present moment, without judgement and attachment.

And one of the simple, yet profound lessons that comes from mindfulness is that everything comes and goes.


Without mindfulness, on the other hand, we can get completely lost in thought. Attaching ourselves to the content of a situation, caught in a trap, without ever realising that what we are experiencing at that moment are our thoughts projected onto the present moment.

Thoughts that come from our conditioned mind.

And as our mind is conditioned to seek the negative in EVERYTHING, you can quickly see that without mindfulness happiness and contentment are going to be hard to come by!

With mindfulness, on the other hand, we train our mind to observe these thoughts without judgement, attachment, or energy.

And a thought without energy is like a balloon without air.

It comes… and it flops.

Let’s take beliefs as an example.

As beliefs are simply thoughts we have told ourselves so many times that they have become our truth.

Beliefs I see as lenses you see the world through.

They determine how we see the world, and ultimately our behaviour.

Beliefs can block you from seeing life as it is, as you are, or as you could be.

Again without mindfulness — being conscious of whatever arises in the present moment without attachment — we will walk through life with a shrouded view of reality, and ourselves.

We will walk through life surrounded by a cage — trapping us in a life that is smaller than the one we could actually have.

Mindfulness breaks down this proverbial cage, by allowing us to see what lens we are currently seeing the world through, and then self coach ourselves to skillfully choose what lens we see the world through.

Some of the lenses I like to use are,

  • Asking myself what beliefs I would want to have, and how that would impact my perspective and the actions I take
  • Negative visualisation, taken from Stoicism, whereby for a short moment I imagine losing everything I currently have — including the people I most love
  • Asking myself what advice I would give my brother if he was in the same situation
  • Time travel, asking my 80-year-old self what advice would he give me
  • And finally, and another taken from Stoicism, is realising that I am living someone else’s dream. Again, however dire I perceive the moment to be, there is someone in the world who would dream to have my life.

Like Jean-Dominique Bauby for example, who suffered a massive stroke and found himself paralysed and speechless, but entirely conscious, trapped by what doctors call ‘locked-in syndrome’. All he could do was blink with his left eyelid to communicate. Which he used to write the book The Diving-Bell and The Butterfly

These tools lead to complete perspective shifts and emote a totally new set of actions.

Had we remained caught in our heads, our actions would have been predictable, sub-optimal, and created results that confirmed our pre-programmed beliefs.

So hopefully you see now why I firmly believe that meditation/mindfulness is essential in living a life of joy, equanimity, and happiness; and I hope I have convinced you of the same.

Big love,


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High Performance Coach & Entrepreneur | I write on Self Mastery, with a goal to help you explore your own potential, live healthier and fully engage with life.

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Joel Burgess

Joel Burgess

High Performance Coach & Entrepreneur | I write on Self Mastery, with a goal to help you explore your own potential, live healthier and fully engage with life.

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