Success Leaves Clues — What Laird Hamilton Has Taught Me

During my 12 Week Year Planning at the start of the year I reflected again deeply on the type of person I want to be in the area of Energy, and it was by pure chance Laird Hamilton re entered my world.

A man that totally encapsulates my biggest guiding principle of going ALL IN.

A man that totally encapsulates the type of energy that I strive for.

So I hired him as a mentor… (well bought his book and listened to every podcast he has been on)

And here’s what I’m learning from him…

Power isn’t found in resistance. Strength comes from yielding to what is.

Love this… sounds counterintuitive, but fighting and resisting actually puts you in a weaker position. Those that wrestle will know that!

Whenever I find myself resisting reality, I simply ask myself “is this within my control?” If yes… great, take responsibility and change it. If no… also great, accept it, do your best to influence it and move on.

Instead of pursuing the idea of getting into the position someday of being able to enjoy our lives more — maybe we should just start enjoying it, right this moment.

How often do we delay our lives for the pursuit of something.

“Once I make £X then I can relax and have fun.”

“Once I get the promotion, then I’ll really enjoy life.”

“Once I find a partner, then I’ll be happy”

It may not be so obvious as that, but we all do it… even if just subtly!

And the result is that we sacrifice our short term fulfilment for the delusion of happiness later on, and subsequently fill our need for happiness in things like food, alcohol and holidays. Which in turn, only reminds us of our current lack of fulfilment once their quick hit has passed, feeding the ‘myth of more’ even further. (Trust me I have been there and got the tee shirt!)

There is another way… which Thich Nhat Hanh put perfectly,

“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

If you are unhappy with something that you can change, change it. If it’s outside of your control, accept it.

It’s an uncomfortable truth but happiness is a choice.

As soon as we take responsibility for our lives and that this is not a dress rehearsal… the sooner we start to fully engage with life and experience all of its beauty.

I’d recommend this podcast, if you want to go deeper in this subject.

What if you dared to accept that much of what happens is out of your hands and trusted in life to unfold in a perfect way?

I will leave you to journal on this question!

It left me with a big smile, a sense of ease, trust and confidence.

“Surrender to the outcome and go all in.”

The best way to find your path is to start with a dream and then refuse to listen to anyone else’s opinions about what you “can” and “can’t” do in pursuit of that dream.

As corny as this sounds, I believe wholeheartedly in this.

When I first started working on Nutrifix, many told me it would never work. Even those closest to me.

I was given 1000 reasons why I should stop. And for every £1 I raised for equity, I was rejected by £100. That’s a lot of rejection! But I refused to listen. I refuse to give up.

And it paid off… I raised 1 million in the end.

But what’s more I realised that with a strong mission, a tonne of passion, unwavering determination and unshakeable belief, anything is possible.

That’s all I had.

I had never built a business before. I had never raised money before. I had no experience in the industry. I was technically inept.

But I had a mission. I had passion. I had unwavering determination. I had unshakeable belief.

You can’t deny the spiritual world when you’re staring into its eyes.

Since moving to this magical island Madeira, I have spent hours sitting and watching the sea and when I do always leave with a sense of connection to something bigger than myself.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

What you put it out there; you’ll get it back.

Have you ever noticed that the days you wake in a bad mood, you’re given more reasons to be in a bad mood.

The days you’re stressed, you’re given more reasons to be stressed.

It’s the immutable law of Karma.

Which says we are the architects of our happiness and our misery. And it’s our choice. We can continue to suffer, or we can take responsibility for our lives.

The key to happiness is maximising each day. So if you’re unhappy, here’s a simple prescription: Live harder.

Live harder! You have my attention Laird!

Let’s make a pact to stop dabbling and fully engage.

To stop being interested in living an extraordinary life and fully commit.


If all you did in your lifetime was enjoy the beautiful things around you — the sunset, moon, and clouds or all the plants and animals — that would be a worthy life.

Slightly paradoxical to the above, but I love holding two opposing thoughts to be true.

And to me, these two perfectly sum up how I aim to live…

When I am in ‘doing’ mode, I am all in, passionate and fully engaged.

When I am in ‘being’ mode, I am all there, noticing and immersed in all of life’s beauty.

Modelling someone who is living a life we aspire to live, is the fastest way to get there.

As the model is at first we must see, then we must be, then we must do, then we get to have.

Knowledge is power… and success leaves clues!

So I’d encourage you to do the same. Study the people who have what you want… the relationships, health, wealth and happiness. Buy their books, listen to their podcasts, unearth their habits, beliefs and qualities and begin to model them, making them your own!

Remember the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

Live hard… Thanks Laird!

Big love,


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High Performance Coach & Entrepreneur | I write on Self Mastery, with a goal to help you explore your own potential, live healthier and fully engage with life.

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Joel Burgess

Joel Burgess

High Performance Coach & Entrepreneur | I write on Self Mastery, with a goal to help you explore your own potential, live healthier and fully engage with life.

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